This crisis, this opportunity

Breathe in

During this pandemic I started like most others. I read the news, kept up to date until the fear seeped in. It’s hard for that NOT to happen considering we have never had to deal with a pandemic before.

If you have struggled with anxiety and/or depression, it can hit us hard. I mean, when I was 16 years old and went to Germany with my mom, I got so homesick because it felt like I had entered into another world. Depression set it. It took a bit to get acclimated and then I was able to enjoy the trip.

Huge change or the unknown can make anyone feel off kilter. For me, I needed to get off the ledge.

So I reached inside my box of tools and got to work. I stopped listening to all the news. I took a break from electronics. I read real books on my back porch, with actual paper. I meditated, practiced yoga, and did affirmative prayer. I puttered in the garden, did puzzles, played games, went on walks and listened to the sounds of nature. In addition, working from home, I immersed myself in projects and connected with others digitally.

My days were opportunities to really get back in touch with myself, my essence, and I felt a sense of freedom and peace. When the energy of grief hit, out of the blue on occasion, I allowed myself to grieve then I got back up. I used this energy by channeling it back to the planet as love and light. I did this regularly. It was the LEAST I could do. I am in awe of the brave heros on the front line. Thank you for your courage and for continuing to show up.

For those of you struggling, I send lots of love. How will each of us remember this time?

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