Creativity – what a gift

It’s so easy to get caught up in worrying thoughts so that the next thing you know you are drowning in despair with darkness swirling around.

It is subtle and sneaks up on you. It’s easy to do these days.

Sure, feelings come and go. But sometimes I forget the “go” part. It’s important to acknowledge our feelings. If we ignore or stuff them, they usually end up in our body somewhere. These days I spend time doing body scans, so I can feel the feelings stored in my body and release/heal them. But I can sometimes stay stuck, dwelling, brooding and I can allow negative thoughts to keep me down.

Usually for me, Its pretty clear when I’ve had enough and I’m ready to feel good again. So I go back to doing things that feed my soul. We always have a choice.

I started meditating again and then this morning I sat on my porch in deep reflection. I wanted to experience the feeling of excitement again and as I sat there in silence the ideas just started coming.

I had allowed some negative experiences and insights even, to question everything. But the ideas that came to me reaffirmed my passions, what I enjoy doing and I spent the day creating in a way I love. It’s clear you love what you are doing when six hours has gone by and it felt like a blink. What fun I had!

What do you love to do? When you feel in the dumps, it’s hard to find joy in anything. But don’t quit. State your intent and be on the lookout for ideas that pop up. Creativity nurtures the soul and it’s a wonderful expression of your path and the gift it can bring to others. How can you bring creativity into your life?

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