Book of poetry

The sea is calm – expression is being alive

This poem will be included in my second book of poetry. I hope you like my first book of poetry, Moments as they Come. There is a storm out at seaBut the sun is shining hereThe ocean is calmThe breath moves in rhythmWith the gentle swaying of the water Found my grooveWhat I love, yet …

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Moment’s as they Come

IT’S HERE! In December my first book of poetry, Moment’s as they Come, will be published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. You can pre-order it now. Just in time for the Holidays! If you or someone you know is going through the empty nest transition, this book can be your companion. What happens when all …

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Practice in Authenticity

Many of us don’t like to hurt or disappoint others. Many times we do things we don’t really want to do because the thought of letting another down is soul crushing. We feel things intensely so we ignore the tiny whispers, the gentle nudging and we can talk ourself into just about anything.  And in …

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Back to the Beginning

Last year, after a health issue and surgery, I realized something needed to change. I put in my resignation as SEL Specialist/MTSS Behavior Coordinator and jumped. But not too far. My son had just graduated college. I was proud yet wistful. How had he grown up so fast? I went to his graduation and listened …

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Change was in the air. Felt it, knew it and took steps to set things in motion. At the same time, I was not clear with what was next. I felt I had jumped off a cliff and wasn’t sure where I’d land. But ya know? As we get older, it gets easier to be …

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Podcast: Connecting to your Inner Guide

Go on a little journey to connect with your Inner Guide, that part of you who can see all, knows all and can see the big picture. This is a relaxing and guided meditation to awaken to the love and light that you are and connect to your inner wisdom. Podcast: Connecting to your Inner …

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Have anxiety? Ailments? Want to heal?

In this podcast I talk about two posts I’ve shared with regard to how healing has taken place in my life and how it has allowed me to be more authentic, more empowered, more free. Listening to our own inner wisdom is key. Check out my online course Health and Wellness!

Take a leap of faith!

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It doesn’t have to make you sick, this fear inducing, life altering change. It can be a little baby step, a conscious, self aware intent to make a change. I will always remember the time I made a decision to move from Massachusetts to San Francisco. I was …

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