Practice what I teach?

A very humbling moment, I will try and show grace to myself. Whether it is from my books, my courses or the students I teach at school, I have loads of strategies to share in dealing with depression and anxiety. After having to have sudden surgery, my anxiety reared its very large and powerful head. …

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I would be happy, if only….

I would be happy if only….fill in the blank. My life had been filled with that phrase. It started when I was very young. If only: I didn’t have that freckle on my faceI didn’t have this compulsionI didn’t have this obsessionI was thinI didn’t have my pastI didn’t have the regretsI had my soulmateI …

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live your life

Wherever you go, there you are

In college, I had this urge to go. So I transfered into my junior year, going to another University. The need was so great I didn’t care I had to go an extra year of school. I’m not sure what propelled that desire but it continued to stay with me throughout my life. When my …

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Wake up: Meditation for Ukraine

Let’s raise our vibration, spread love. It is stronger than fear. Where our energy goes, our life flows. I imagine those who’ve been asleep, misinformed, in a slumber, wake up and see clearly! And the truth sets them free. Spread love!

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Relationships: Friendships

There is a story I tell myself. It goes something like this. Friends will disappoint you, leave you, hurt you . . . it always happens. And sure, if I focus on this story or believe this story then it continues to manifest over and over again. Or does it? At times I have felt …

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30 Years Sober

30 years without a drinkBoy how time fliesSitting in a small rentalWondering how to survive A wake up callMany at thatThis time I choseTo hear the call Just one dayReach out for helpJust for this momentI swear it’ll stay 30 years have gone byWho was that girl?I don’t recognize her or the lifeYet loving her …

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Rehearse until it is real

I have been practicing Conscious Discipline (By Dr. Becky Bailey) for many years. As a classroom management strategy, when students come into the class, I notice all appropriate behavior and voice that out loud. If disruption happens, I do not point that out but instead voice out loud the specific on-task behaviors I see and …

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night sky

Depression in Winter?

Winter blues are real! Since I can remember, every year during the winter months, I struggled with depression. Maybe it was the lack of sun, shorter days or too much negative thinking. Regardless, when I was younger I thought it would never end! But then spring and summer would come and I was happy and …

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