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IT’S HERE! In December my first book of poetry will be published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. You can pre-order it now. Just in time for the Holidays! If you or someone you know is going through the empty nest transition, this book can be your companion. Thanks so much for all of your support!!

Kim’s Memoir, P.E. for the Soul – An empowering journey of healing. Take a walk with Kim through her struggles of mental illness, intimacy, commitment, addiction, career, parenting. It’s also a practical guide if looking to jump start your life.

A story for teens and above. If you have felt lost, afraid and bullied, take a journey with Jessie in this uplifting and heartwarming fantasy, Little Wonders.

If you have ever loved animals so much it hurts, take a journey with Kim as she discovers the healing power of our animal friends in Walks with Strays.

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**Kim’s first book of poetry will be published this year by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. Stay tuned.**

“Kim’s story is one of struggle and self compassion that leads to abundant self awareness and personal growth. Her memoir is shared with enjoyable poetic expression in short story format. I especially liked the helpful tips at the end of the book. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a power packed, not too lengthy, life changing story.” –Kathy

“Just finished reading this magnificent book! The author artfully and cohesively tells her life’s story and shares the profound concepts and people that helped her along the way! I wish more people would be this brave, open and vulnerable. She leaves you feeling inspired and accompanied. Thanks to Kim Hiles for sharing her story with the world!” –Inger

“Inspirational life story sprinkled with beautiful poetic expressions, this deeply personal story provides guidance for us all. Not only do I recommend it, I look forward to her next book. Thank you, Kim Hiles!” –Kay

“This book has really help my evolved into living my truth and authentic self. Kim shares a lot of her personal experiences that she has overcome and that can help everyone. I highly recommend this book.” –Jessica

“Thankyou so much for sharing Kim, there is something about how you move back and forth from present to past that flows like the waves and makes sense and kind of even knocks you over, makes you cry. Then get up and read some more.” –Joy

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