Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

**Sessions are currently offered to those who have already taken The Soulmate’s Path, an online course, and are looking for a more individualized approach. Check out the online course here.**

Certified Professional Coach


Spirit Guided Healing Work:  I enjoy assisting people in their spiritual journeys.  I listen intuitively to your story as it unfolds. Through guidance from Spirit, you may receive clarity and support helping you to move forward. My passion is empowering others to come back to themselves so they can be fulfilled, on purpose and in a harmonious relationship with self and/or others.

Why Work with a Guide?

While everyone has access to their own inner connection to Spirit, sometimes working with an intuitive guide or experienced educator can help jumpstart the process. Many of us have experienced significant growth when we had another to help support, reinforce or show us the truth in a situation. I am supportive yet also your mirror, reflecting for you things you are now ready to see. I work best with those willing and receptive and are open to feedback when clinging to old ideas, such as blame or avoiding looking at self.

Sessions are offered at $75 per hour. A few openings with a sliding scale may be available to those who need it. Email

Let’s Create


Kim was the first person who really taught me the meaning of being your “authentic self.” Since then, I have been on my spiritual journey of self discovery. One book that has really helped me on my journey is PE for the Soul. I suggest everyone read it. Kim has been a great mentor and spiritual coach.

Jessical L.

….I consider myself one of the first people Kim Hiles coached through a really tough time in my life. Sharing all that she knew about behavior, how to change it, how to work with what you have and then grow and change.  If you are searching and need a guide, choose Kim Hiles. She pours her entire self into helping you find your path to peace, love and JOY!

Joy O.

The clarity, purpose, and direction of my life had never been lost, only hidden. Kim was the catalyst, the mirror, and the whispered reminder of the potential still within my grasp. I am grateful for her insight, patience, and wisdom.


60 Minute Sessions


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