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Kim Hiles

As an author and educator, Kim has been helping people find meaning, understanding and clarity in their lives. Through her blog, Walks with Strays, inspirational books and teaching adults and children, Kim enjoys empowering others on their quest for self discovery.

Heal • Empower • Create

HEAL: We all have sources of wisdom and healing. We arrive here full of knowing and connection with Spirit. We forget along the way. At any time, we can tap into Source recognizing our Oneness with All that Is, bringing healing to any situation.

EMPOWER: It’s important to have at least one person who can help us bring the focus back to self, reminding us of our own inner power and worth. Focusing on what’s going wrong out there, or with others, distracts us from our unique purpose. Letting go of the outdated stories and beliefs and tapping into our own inner wisdom and strength brings unlimited potential.

CREATE: Being authentically alive and creating a full and happy life comes from a true understanding of one’s Self and our connection to All that Is. Creating an authentic life is our right.


Kim was the first person who really taught me the meaning of being your “authentic self.” Since then, I have been on my spiritual journey of self discovery. One book that has really helped me on my journey is PE for the Soul. I suggest everyone read it. Kim has been a great mentor and spiritual coach.

Jessica L.

The clarity, purpose, and direction of my life had never been lost, only hidden. Kim was the catalyst, the mirror, and the whispered reminder of the potential still within my grasp. I am grateful for her insight, patience, and wisdom.


Kim is a tenured social and emotional skills instructor. Her approach prompts children to listen to their inner voice and outwardly react to situations using the methods they’ve been taught. The guided exercises she utilizes often include breathing techniques, role playing, and sensory motor skills that help further develop body awareness. She was extremely successful in providing a welcoming space for my child, in which he grew to become confident in advocating for his needs, as well as honed his communication abilities and the deepened his capacity for understanding others. 


I was a young single Mom when I met Kim, and as if she could sense my brokeness, she begain to build me up through sharing her own experiences of being broken, and what she had done to overcome. Her eyes would pierce my soul every time we spoke and the inner peace she emanated, I wanted.

Kim had learned along the way that showing up was a key ingredient to ‘making it.’ The art of showing up . . .she taught me that and I carry it with me all these years later. “Show up,” I hear her say and it propels me to do just that: I show up on time and everything unfolds, often times with beauty.

I consider myself one of the first people Kim Hiles coached through a really tough time in my life. Sharing all that she knew about behavior, how to change it, how to work with what you have and then grow and change. If you are searching and need a guide, choose Kim Hiles. She pours her entire self into helping you find your path to peace, love and JOY!

Joy O.

Kim was a tremendous help to our family, particularly when our younger child struggled with anger and acted out in class. She helped our child recognize and label feelings, learn calming strategies and make friends. Socially, our child is night and day different, functioning very well in the classroom, even serving as a leader, and making friends easily wherever we go. Emotionally, Kim was a rock, stabilizing our child during such a critical time. Her patience is incredible, and we can never thank her enough.


A little background:

Kim has overcome much adversity. She now enjoys walking with others as they find their way and connect to their own inner wisdom.

Growing up, Kim moved several times before settling in a small town in Massachusetts.

She experienced symptoms of severe anxiety and depression as a child and really struggled to find her way.  She remembers as a young adult, her grandmother telling her she wrote beautiful letters and had a way with words. Later in life, this memory would be a catalyst for sitting down and writing her memoir, PE for the Soul. In the book, Kim talks about her path in becoming a P.E. teacher. She talks in detail about personal traumas, struggles with addiction (and the miracle in surviving it), relationships, various forms of anxiety, career and parenting. Kim then went on to write two more books. Walks with Strays is her story on how animals have helped her heal. Little Wonders (co-written with Will Hiles) is a fantasy made for teenagers who don’t feel like they belong. Kim also writes poetry and her book of poetry will be published this year by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.

As an educator, Kim has worked with others socially and emotionally for 20 years. Empowering others to live a healthy life (mind/body/soul) is a passion of hers. She has many gifts and credentials but the ones most called on involve: Author, Poet, Educator and Intuitive Guide/Healer.

More detailed info about Kim can be found on LinkedIn

Kim lives with her husband, son and animal companions.

“I had a teacher who told us to go out that week and see how many mercedes cars we noticed. When I came back I told her I had seen a lot! She asked me if I had seen any old junky cars. I told her I didn’t remember seeing any. The next week she asked us to go out and see how many old junky cars we noticed. Of course we noticed a lot but when she asked us if we saw any mercedes cars, we didn’t remember seeing any. Where is your focus? Is it on the problem or on the solution and more importantly, where would you like it to be?” — Kim Hiles

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