Relationships: Intimacy, the dance…

Many fear intimacy. The answer is simple. If we don’t love ourselves completely, it is very difficult to love another. When I met my husband so long ago I was terrified. He was loving and kind. His love was so intense I thought there must be something wrong with him. Clearly, my tolerance for love was very low. I was the kind of person who wanted those I couldn’t have and when I had them, I didn’t want them. I decided to go for it and grow in my self love. When there are conflicts, talk about it (when calm). When there is discussion, use “I” statements (“I feel….”) instead of blame. It can be much easier to walk away, blame or talk to others. It feeds our need for being a victim.. It feeds our negative belief (whatever that is). Instead look at each conflict as an opportunity to grow more in love with yourself. Love and have compassion for the part in them that bothers you. You may discover that you share in that in some way and you have finally given yourself the love and compassion you deserve.

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