Poetry: Life

Spirit and I are one. I go through the fields aimlessly, searching, knowing I will arrive at my destination. I look at the trees, the birds, the beauty of Spirit’s creation. It is beautiful and I feel a oneness with all of life.

I stumble, I fall. Rocks are at my feet and I cannot seem to stand straight. I feel blind. I shout but nobody hears me. Nobody knows I am here for I have travelled alone. I see the clouds coming but I try to run away. I do not want to feel the rain on my body and see the darkness, which is following me, trying to engulf me. I continue to shout and there is nobody there.

On my journey I come across an old wise woman. She points me in a direction so I go. There was something in her eyes – I trusted and I continued walking. The path is endless and there seems no end. I could have sworn that I would have reached the end by now. I cannot go on! The pain, the loneliness, the isolation, the evil and rain storm following me is too much to bear. I cry.

I give up and surrender to whatever awaits me. I am ready to die and I do not care anymore. I don’t see beauty anymore. I don’t see the birds anymore. All I see is pain. I succumb to it – nothing matters anymore.

It is then, that an inner voice beckons me – I listen. Everything I am searching for – all of my answers – are already within me. I am reminded that I am one with Spirit. We are not separate but one. If I can just sit quietly and listen and, most of all, trust, then the doors of heaven will open. I will understand, I will know.

I am now silent. I now listen. I now trust and know that all is well. I have peace. I have serenity and, most of all, I know the truth and that truth is that Spirit and I are one. I am a perfect child of the Universe and I know my Truth. My Truth sets me free. Again, I enjoy the birds, the trees, all of life has to offer. And it is beautiful and welcoming. I see beauty in all I see and I am free….as free as the birds….for I know that the birds and I are one.

Copyright (c) 1994 Kimberly McCandless

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