Lizbeth (end of the world)

They came in flocks.

It all started long ago in a quiet sleepy town. Lizbeth was an innocent, a babe thrown into the wild and chaos of earth. Nobody really knows exactly what happened. But one crisp, blue morning, a scream was heard for miles. There was no mistake who was screaming. You have to understand, Lizbeth had a special voice–it was angelic–it was what dreams were made of.

Everyone always knew she was special; the smile, the empathy, the sympathy, the caring for the elderly, caring for the wounded, caring for the animals, caring for the unruly. Lizbeth had the power to move mountains and all was affected by her presence. To be honest, I never really thought of her as human–to me, she was a myth. I grew up hearing stories about her and I came to know her as one would know an angel.

According to the legends, something changed her life. Some say it was the evil on this earth–the more spiritual types said she just couldn’t handle the energy here . . . I don’t know but she left town, never to be seen again.

Until now.

The earth was in the midst of upheaval.

The planet was dying.

Everything was out of control–people fleeing in all directions. There were earthquakes and floods and mass destruction everywhere. I tried to get my family away from the drowning city but there seemed to be obstacles everywhere I turned. It is hard to talk about this without crying.

And it is difficult to explain.

But something happened. A quiet peace enveloped me–a calmness washed over me–filling my heart and soul with something so brilliant, so white, so light, so . . . suddenly I understood. Without panic, my family and I moved out and away from the dying city and that’s then we came upon them: There were millions of people walking, with a strange presence about them; peaceful; unhurried.

It was eerie but beautiful. And in the distance, I saw her. Lizbeth.

My angel.

She had gathered all of the hurting children and animals of the world to
this location where peace and love were the only things they knew. And now, during this mass destruction, millions of us were heading home. Starting life anew.

Copyright (c) 1998 Kimberly McCandless

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