Poetry: Love’s journey

Our Journey

This ship symbolizes the beginning
of our journey
place it on your shelf and
remember …..

Remember the raging storms
that tried to, without mercy, sink us
remember the obstacles
that appeared out of nowhere
in their attempt to destroy us

Now remember the warmth of the sun
that came shortly thereafter to soothe us
the colorful rainbows
that gave us joy and delight,
faith and courage

This ship has been
sailing for two years
and although it has battled many storms
it only seems to get stronger and even more beautiful

This ship is just beginning its journey
there is so much more to see
and I look forward to where it takes us
for I know that calm seas are ahead

We are each on a deep journey of our soul
striving to be all we are meant to be
and I feel together
on this ship
we will arrive

Copyright (c) 1997 Kimberly McCandless

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