Poetry: Manifestation

All I see is the darkness
of the city
the gloom
the harsh sounds of pain…

It overwhelms me and I
find myself dreaming of
days by the lake
days that seem so long ago

I see the crystal-blue lake
sparkling from the bright sun
the trees and flowers are dancing
and I yearn to be the bird soaring in its delight

It is then that I feel myself there
there is no city, no pain
only the comforting, nurturing sounds
of nature

I can smell the scent of pine
feel the hot sand beneath my feet
and as I walk with joy to the edge of the lake, gazing at its perfection
I dabble my toes in this refreshing water, and I give thanks

The serenity I feel
the peace that washes over me
fills my being…..and when I eventually open my eyes
it is no longer a dream

Copyright (c) 1996 Kimberly McCandless

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