Poetry: My soulmate

We are caught
in a materialistic world
a world which has
forgotten the true meaning of love

The love we share
has no price
it cannot be compared or measured
but experienced for what it is – love

We are each others light
and darkness
we bring each other light
and pain

But it is really soul work
we are up to
and the way to God
has never been easy

And if we can just focus
on loving ourselves
and remembering the true essence of who we are
we are able to give the same love in return

For how can we give
what we cannot give to ourself
and so I practice compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and love to me
and I practice giving the same love to you

For I am you and you are me
and I celebrate love
and freedom…

Copyright (c) 1996 Kimberly McCandless

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