Poetry: Tribute to my father

To Dad on Father’s Day

I remember…
you being the playful, affectionate dad
and all three of us
piling on your back
playing, laughing, loving. My father’s love.

I remember…
the joyful trips you took us on
seeing the world
doing things other kids
could only dream of doing. My father’s love.

I remember…
you providing everything we needed
having everything we desired
Santa Claus
always getting us the “super duper — biggie.” My father’s love.

I remember…
you introducing us to nature–
we had the best camp site
full of love and laughter
joy and delight. My father’s love.

I remember…
Most of all — the never-ending love you have given me
I have seen it in your eyes, in your tears, in your smile
you have been my biggest fan
encouraging me always to be the best I can be. My father’s love.

You have given me messages all along
teaching me about mind/body/soul
you always said:
“remember who you are”
and I now know the truth of who I am

I thank God that I chose you as my father.
I feel blessed!

Your Daughter’s Love,
Kimberly Sue 6/15/97

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