Poetry: Tribute to my mother

For Mom on Mother’s Day

I Remember….
when I was in pain and/or sick,
my mom was there to hold me in her arms.
She gave me such feelings of safety and
security and her understanding and
compassionate heart knew no bounds. My mother’s love.

I Remember….
when I was off to College, away from my
family for the first time and utterly scared, my mom
left little notes of encouragement all through my drawers.
I found them later after they left. My mother’s love.

I Remember….
when I was lost and darkness crept
around me, trying to bring me to the depths of despair,
my mom’s empowering tough love helped me to
find my way. My mother’s love.

I Remember….
when I needed help (whatever it may be)
my mom was always there giving and giving and giving.
Her generous and loving nature, such a precious gift. My mother’s love.

I Remember….
her pure and simple heart. She gave and loved
even when I didn’t feel I deserved it.
I know that my joy is her joy. I know
that all she wants is my happiness.
How fortunate can I be? My mother’s love.

Oh, we have had our share of issues like any
mother and daughter. But that is the beauty of life!
We share, we grow, we take individual responsibility for our lives
knowing that it is always about us – and we eventually remember
the truth of who we are – and we remember how to fly…..

I thank God that I chose you as my mother.
I feel blessed!

With Love Always,
Kimberly Sue 5/11/97

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