The whispers in the wind…

So many of us are the walking wounded….treading carefully in this life, constantly looking over our shoulder.  One day we wake up and realize…is this it?  At that moment, we can surrender to death or our continued state of nothingness or we can at that moment make a new choice.   It is sometimes that simple.   I have chosen to wake up so many times.  Sure, I go back to sleep on occasion but something reminds me…a yearning…a remembering…a crisis.  It is in this moment, I realize I came here to do something.  Be something.

Make a different choice today.  Quiet the mind.   Listen to the whispers of the wind and when you feel a nudge, even when it makes no sense, see where it takes you.   Love (your heart)  will guide you, even in spite of yourself.   The whispers are talking to us all of the time.  Make time today to listen.

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