Release the Labels, they are limiting!

I could have been labeled OCD, ADD, Seasonal Effective Disorder, Emotionally Disturbed…thank God I was not. Although a psychiatrist once described me as such, and names can help us understand and feel understood, to label is to define and limit for we are much much more! We are amazing spiritual beings, each with own magnificent and unique gifts! We play roles and our roles are constantly changing. How do you want to see yourself? To name, to label is to limit…for what we focus on becomes our reality. Who do you want to be in this world? How will you channel your amazing gifts? Instead of labeling and naming your perceived “disorder,” channel your uniqueness, love it, bless it, learn from it and go forth with excitement and with a sense of adventure….and be careful about where you send your energies and what you choose to focus on. Because it is a choice.

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