Love or Drama

I once took a graduate course in Public Speaking. I remember a woman in my class going up to the podium to present her topic. And I remember her getting very quiet…she froze. You know…the kind of fear based blank out you can experience in front of a large audience?

I have had my moments, depending on where I was in my life. But in that one moment, I imagined all of the knowledge she needed coming from above and going right into her head. I did that for a moment and then all of a sudden she started to speak. She ended up doing a great job in her presentation! When she finished, she walked down the isle and paused in front of me and this is what she said. “Thank you. When I looked up and saw you, all of a sudden, I was fine.”

In any situation, we can bring drama energy or love energy. Which one do you want to bring? In an earlier blog, I spoke of all of the division people are helping to create by snapping and posting photos, videos to social media. What kind of planet do you want to be a part of? One that brings connection, love, peace or one that is full of division, fear, chaos? Be, share, send the kind of energy you wish for yourself and for your planet.

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