Self Care

When I find myself reading the news, listening to the news, going on social media, I find myself irritable, hyper, overwhelmed and sad. When I decide to slow down and get quiet, tears are released and the pain is felt. During these times, I remember that I need to get back to basics, it’s survival mode.

So I remove the news from my life because frankly, miracles happen every single day but we rarely hear about them! So I go back to living my life, appreciating all that I have, filling myself up with things that bring me joy and, as some would say, I put my head right back into the sand. But I don’t feel my head is REALLY in the sand. Because for me, I sit back, get quiet and I imagine the earth in my hands and I send the earth and all its creatures love.

That’s how I contribute, keep sane and shift my focus. When things get too overwhelming we always have the choice of where we want to direct our energy. That’s what works for me. Do what you feel called to do but do take good care of yourself and remember love is the greatest mover of all.

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