Victimhood no more!

Some people just really want the dramatic story to continue. I mean I’ve been guilty of it! Like how many more stories can I add to the “this happened to me” saga?

It’s real. 

Things do happen.

But in every moment, we have a choice to change our perspective, our beliefs, our truth, our reality and create a new story. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as saying “ENOUGH” at the top of your lungs. Notice, describe, yell to the universe then use your anger and declare that this is my new truth!!

I did this when I moved away from OCD and battled it once and for all.  When an obsessive ritual came up I declared, “I see you but I don’t do that anymore.”  Not easy, sure, but doable with perseverance.  Anyone battling mental illness will tell you the fight is real. But you can’t keep doing, thinking, feeling the same things and expect anything to change. 

Sometimes seeking the right kind of help is the first step. But continuing to talk about your labels, your struggles, your pattern will most likely keep you right there, the perpetual victim.

Declare “enough” today.  Make a change. Take one small step. These are some small steps I have taken throughout my life:

  1. Seek help but make sure its the right kind of help for you. If it feels wrong, seek different help.
  2. Notice all that you have, even if it starts with one small thing, like warm clothes for the day. Focus on that, feel gratitude for it, and you may notice more things you feel grateful for. Continue daily and you may notice a shift in perspective.
  3. See that finger pointing? Turn it inward and ask tough questions. Everyone is a mirror.  Things you can ask are what is this bringing up for me? What am I not doing? What do I need to heal? How can I fulfill myself and fill up my cup?
  4. What do I love? Do it!
  5. Go within, spend time in nature.
  6. Forgive often! We are not perfect either. By not forgiving, I am only hurting myself.
  7. We can’t necessarily see the big picture! Someday it may be revealed. In the meantime, trust the process of your life.
  8. Do a body scan. In meditation, slowly focus on all parts of your body one part at a time and observe what comes up. Grieve, if needed, and allow it to flow down stream when you are ready. Then pour love and light into your body and love it thoroughly. 
  9. Do something for someone else.
  10. Remember, you are the master of your ship and can achieve anything.  If you feel like you can’t then you are listening to old tapes, conditionings. Declare that you are the love of your life and are capable, strong, courageous, powerful, and quite Awesome!  Declare your new truth. Create the new story.

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