A walk with a dog

I have often spoken about how animals help heal our soul. I have a whole chapter dedicated to it in my book. 

After my dog passed, I spent a year questioning if I should get another one or not. If I did a pros and cons list, it came out pretty even. I let it go for a while.

And then the pandemic happened. So many dogs needed help. We looked but I just couldn’t make the plunge.  I did what I often do. I let it go to Spirit, the Universe. In other words, I believe I have a greater self who sees the big picture and knows what’s best for me. If it’s meant to be, the right one would appear. 

As I went about my business, the thoughts of adopting a dog wouldn’t go away. A friend kept posting about her dog on Facebook and I innocently asked if she had a sibling.

The rest is history.

Enter Zelda. 

My immediate thoughts were… what was I thinking? Why didn’t I ask more questions? The amount of fear and anxiety Zelda had depressed me. That’s what I struggle with, I sure didn’t want that from my dog. The plan was to make my dog and me happy with walks and a wonderful home.

Maybe that’s not what I needed. As I’ve often written, we are all mirrors. As I struggled in my own life, by showing her acceptance, patience, understanding, love, I was giving that to myself and healing the fear and anxiety I had.

Being her companion is teaching me patience and true acceptance. Lately I have been focusing on bringing more joy into my life. Well Zelda, with her “zoom” running, cracks me up and brings the laughter I so desperately need. 

She still cannot walk on a leash and, in sadness, one day I decided to draw a Rune.  For me, sometimes drawing a Rune can connect me to my greater self.

So this is how it went down. When I met my husband in 1995 and he was living in Pennsylvania and I was living in Boston, we both drew a Rune and guess what we drew.   

DAGAZ. Which simply states something like “there comes something in your life and if you seize hold, it changes your life forever.”

Yup, that is what I drew for Zelda. There are challenges, for sure, but I’m thinking…she’s my soulmate and we are perfect for each other. 

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