Podcast: Connecting to your Inner Guide

Go on a little journey to connect with your Inner Guide, that part of you who can see all, knows all and can see the big picture. This is a relaxing and guided meditation to awaken to the love and light that you are and connect to your inner wisdom. Podcast: Connecting to your Inner …

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Take a leap of faith!

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It doesn’t have to make you sick, this fear inducing, life altering change. It can be a little baby step, a conscious, self aware intent to make a change. I will always remember the time I made a decision to move from Massachusetts to San Francisco. I was …

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I would be happy, if only….

I would be happy if only….fill in the blank. My life had been filled with that phrase. It started when I was very young. If only: I didn’t have that freckle on my faceI didn’t have this compulsionI didn’t have this obsessionI was thinI didn’t have my pastI didn’t have the regretsI had my soulmateI …

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live your life

Wherever you go, there you are

In college, I had this urge to go. So I transfered into my junior year, going to another University. The need was so great I didn’t care I had to go an extra year of school. I’m not sure what propelled that desire but it continued to stay with me throughout my life. When my …

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night sky

Depression in Winter?

Winter blues are real! Since I can remember, every year during the winter months, I struggled with depression. Maybe it was the lack of sun, shorter days or too much negative thinking. Regardless, when I was younger I thought it would never end! But then spring and summer would come and I was happy and …

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mom and son

Teens and Young Adults still need our Guidance

For some reason, whether I’ve read it somewhere or watched it on a show, I’ve noticed a trend. The parent says something to the effect of now that they are 18, their child is an adult and free to make their own decisions. While it is true that this is the time in their lives …

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Walking on the path

Decisions: Second Guessing

We follow our heart…or so it seems. One day we realize we made a mistake . . . Or did we? I have always struggled with decisions. I have always struggled with fear. Over a lifetime, I’ve learned when I need to push through something and when I need to walk away. Very imperfectly I …

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children joy

Poetry: Friday night moment

A poem on a Friday night . . . . I ask for guidanceThe words fallNobody buys itWhat am I doing? I get up at 4:50 a.m.Every day is the sameOr not15 years gone . . . How? I writeI prayA master at creatingNot at this I say I keep showing upI stumbleI bounce backWho …

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new year

Problem or Solution?

I was recently reminded of this very simple truth. People in my neighborhood were sharing on social media how upset they were that people didn’t clean up after their pet.  I thought to myself: What are they talking about? I never see what they are seeing. I mean there was a whole thread talking about …

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