Podcast: Connecting to your Inner Guide

Go on a little journey to connect with your Inner Guide, that part of you who can see all, knows all and can see the big picture. This is a relaxing and guided meditation to awaken to the love and light that you are and connect to your inner wisdom. Podcast: Connecting to your Inner …

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I would be happy, if only….

I would be happy if only….fill in the blank. My life had been filled with that phrase. It started when I was very young. If only: I didn’t have that freckle on my faceI didn’t have this compulsionI didn’t have this obsessionI was thinI didn’t have my pastI didn’t have the regretsI had my soulmateI …

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Wake up: Meditation for Ukraine

Let’s raise our vibration, spread love. It is stronger than fear. Where our energy goes, our life flows. I imagine those who’ve been asleep, misinformed, in a slumber, wake up and see clearly! And the truth sets them free. Spread love!

healing power of animals

Anxiety: I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe. . . Breathe they say. So I try. Sometimes another tack is needed. Today I got down on my hands and knees and played with my dog, puppy style, in the back yard. It’s a joyful experience for us both. I usually find myself laughing as the kid in me comes out …

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Be Present

A month ago, I looked at all of my problems, issues, and the anger continued to build. When I picked up an Eckhart Tolle book and started really practicing the tools, I looked at my problems with full acceptance, then burst out laughing! I had an immediate release and the words “it is what it …

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Zelda with Toy


This whole pandemic, getting a rescue dog, other concerns I had . . . I was filled with intense anxiety. I started spiraling into that dark place, the place my shadow lives. It is an indescribable and lonely place filled with terror. Those were the words I used in trying to describe it to my …

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Healing: Sit with the Discomfort

Ever since I can remember, I have tried to run from pain and discomfort, whether emotional, mental or physical. I, instead, would obsess, wonder, escape, run away, ask why, or inquire how long it would last. I wanted to feel good and would do whatever it took, pay tons of money, to make myself feel …

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