Poetry: Dark night

The clouds are trying to stay over me and make me one with the darkness but light keeps flickering in. The flashes of light keep me going in my quest and it is these moments when I realize I cannot surrender to the darkness. There is a rainbow on the other side – I can feel it and it is not too far away. I understand that I need this rain in order to see the rainbow. This acceptance helps me to keep going, to welcome the clouds and rain and not fear them, for without them there would be no rainbows. That is the beauty. Once I accept this, that the clouds and rain are not evil, merely, another side of God’s beautiful creation, I am at peace. I know now to sit and just appreciate. I must just turn inward and experience my oneness. All is well and I am whole and complete – a perfect child of God and this is Great! I thank God for the flashes of light!

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