Perception, you have the Power!

Do you want to be a robot, focusing on whatever the media wants you to focus on?

Do you want to follow the crowd because you feel so little for yourself and giving your power away seems the easiest thing to do?

Do you want to just do what you are told because you have no practice thinking for yourself?

Do you fear for your life because everybody does?

I challenge you to alter your perception…just a little. Step outside of the box and come up with your own thought…idea. Observe the brilliant colors around you. Witness the smiles and the love oozing out of others. Feel the excitement of a dream…an idea. Imagine the world as you would want it and stay there…one day you will notice that it is no longer a dream but a living reality.

Dream big. Alter your focus…your perception to a life of your dreams and witness it’s unfolding.

#mirror #peforthesoul

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