Get up and dust yourself off!

Oh I think to myself…”how many times am I going to look at their life and see what they need to fix”?  “Mirror Mirror, wake up” I say!  Everyone is our mirror…there is no separation. It is so easy for my ego to sit back, point fingers, feel sorry for myself and claim “Victim.”  But I am not and I choose not to be.

It is so tough to change patterns! We may feel inspired and for two weeks we are on a roll, feeling empowered, excited and ready to take on the world…we love and accept our self and nobody can take that away.  And then a stumble…a fall…and we think, “why bother.”   But bother, you must!  When we become consciously aware and awake and we set out to live an authentic life, we will stumble, we will have setbacks.  However, it is very important to feel…then get up, dust yourself off and be brave!

Today I am going to dance.  What are you going to do?

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