What are you thinking about?

Such an easy concept but sometimes our fear wins.  For some weeks my thoughts were on everything negative…in fact, I literally had a thought I would pay for it.  Sure enough, the universe mirrors back unto the thinker and I found myself anxious and depressed.  Nobody is doing anything to us…we do it to ourselves.  Yes, it is important to feel our feelings, acknowledge our hurt, our pain but then we gotta let the shit go.  If we don’t it ends up destroying us.  There are many ways we can acknowledge our pain but we must acknowledge it.  I wasn’t.  Instead I was bitter and toxic.

So I could stay in this space or look at the root cause.

I love EFT tapping, which I started doing again. Reach out to your support system. A very close friend of mine suggests choosing a time you will be alone (1 or 2 hours) – even if it is going into a closet (yes I did this) and grieving. When you think you are done, scan each part of your body and see what comes up. Powerful.  Finally when you have had enough, you make a choice and say “ok, I’m done with this now.”

Yesterday I started meditating again (thank you soul sister), thinking positively, with imagery, and yes…I started dancing again.  I am taking one day at a time.

I know myself, so for me my formula for contentment is:
– Staying away from the news/some social media
– Meditating
– Heart Math/EFT tapping (see it, acknowledge it, feel it, transform it)
– Positive thoughts/imagery
– Dancing.

What’s yours?

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