Most issues in the world have always had the “us against them” mentality. It starts young in a very competitive world. In fact, I recently got caught up with it myself, during the election. We are doing the same exact thing to each other. Are we really that different? Have we walked in their shoes? I have been impressed with people reaching out to the other side…trying to understand. We can’t go wrong with compassion. And this is not saying we accept the unacceptable. What it is saying is that love moves mountains. It reminds me of the time I witnessed a family traumatizing their child because they wanted her to learn how to swim. I came at them with anger and it created more anger and nothing was changed. A week later, I observed the same thing with a different family and I took a moment, channeled my anger into compassion and I told this family…coming from a place of positive intent and love…that there was a large toddler pool down the road and it really helps children learn to swim because they feel less scared…. This family didn’t know the pool was there, thanked me and went on their way. This was the same situation but my response was different and it probably touched a life. When you see an injustice, do not sit back and do nothing. We are all in this together. Take action with positive and loving intent to ALL. Yes, it is a challenge but it is the way.


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