Use the anger

Anger channeled appropriately is one of the most powerful forces out there! Many times in my life, I have found myself hitting a brick wall. I have felt lost, impatient, and righteously pissed off. Some of those times, I have remembered to take that anger and flip it. Alone, I might find myself screaming “Enough, this is unacceptable….” And as I continue to rant about what I don’t want and do not accept anymore, I flip it and affirm what I now accept for myself. This powerful feeling state in the affirmative can move mountains. I use that energy and, using my imagination and words, I pretend I already have it. These have been the most powerful times in my life and magnificent and life changing experiences have been the result. We are going to get angry. Channel it so that you feel empowered, not powerless. Create magic today.


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