Find your people

If you feel uncomfortable and not really accepted in a group you are a part of, you may just not be with your people. I have felt like an outcast, not a part of, for most of my life. Sure, some of that has to do with self esteem and confidence and doing the work it takes to learn how to celebrate YOU. However, if you find yourself feeling like you need to change, make yourself smaller, diminish your light, step back, you may just not be surrounding yourself with people who get you and celebrate you. Oh sure, conflicts happen in any group. But I know I am with my people when I feel totally accepted, faults and all. I know I am with my people when I am fully encouraged to be 100% who I am and who I wish to be. I know I am with my people when I am heard and listened to. I apologize less and get excited more! Life is so much more fun when we are surrounded by and embraced by our people.


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