Spring back

My flowers were not doing very well for years. They had stopped blooming. I was unsure what happened and didn’t know what they needed. Over the years, I would water them, talk to them and wonder. I thought that possibly they were at the end of their journey, living a long and beautiful life.

Until today.

I went outside and saw this beauty and celebrated its vibrancy.

Have you ever felt like that? You are going along on your journey, feeling excitement and purpose. And then all of a sudden, bam! Whether it’s an illness, depression, a loss, a change, you wonder . . . what’s the point?

Life happens but this too shall pass. Magic does return. Sometimes we go to sleep for a little while but it never lasts. The beauty inside cannot be extinguished. It may grow dim but it returns brightly when ready.

We cannot see the big picture. Sometimes we may get a glimpse of it and other times we do not. Regardless, in trying times, allow yourself all the time you need. Be gentle and trust your process. When you are ready, your light will shine bright and the way will become clear. Reach out, ask for help and trust the inner messages you receive and most of all, don’t give up. But if you do, then give up trying to do things your way. Surrender to the greater you.

I recently did that myself, and my days became brighter and my closed-off heart started to open.

Spring is here. This is the time for many of us to awaken and spring back to life.

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