Clarity and focus

I cannot tell you how many times I have worried about a direction, problem, or change happening, completely forgetting that focusing on these things will keep me stuck in the problem or confusion. I have to often remind myself that I cannot see the big picture and to trust the process of my life.

However, that doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing. For me, when I get a nudge that doesn’t quit, it means something needs my attention. If I am confused about the solution and have no idea what it is, then I remind myself to put focus on and affirm every day that I HAVE clarity and focus.

It always works at the right time.

Prior to this weekend, I was really struggling with some concerns. I was totally in my head trying to figure it out and kept coming up empty. So I affirmed daily that I have clarity and purpose. This in turn opened the doors for different scenarios to come my way, because I wasn’t focused on the problem. I was focused on the solution.

Ideas never considered came my way and my way became clear. I knew what I needed to do and I was excited and relieved. Focus on the solution and TRUST the impressions you receive. Sometimes you need to jump right in or out and for other things you need to ride the wave and see where it takes you.

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