Comparing Robs Us

Things will be going along. There is contentment, a type of surrendering peace, purpose, happiness and then one day we pause. Maybe we look at the smiles of the other couple too long . . . . Next thing you know, we are putting our relationship under a microscope, looking at every tiny and perceived flaw. Once we start doing that and focusing on every little thing we don’t like, it magnifies and grows. We distance ourselves.

What you focus on is what you see.

Whether it is a job, a relationship, a path, it is easy to get distracted and assume the grass is greener on the other side. I have found that whenever I do this, I rob myself of the glorious present, the beautiful and even tiny but magical moments.

Talking and sharing is an exquisite form of intimacy. It can bridge the divide and reduce the clutter. It can help us get clear and open our heart. I am so happy when my heart is open, when I notice the beautiful dance that is my life.

Comparing robs me of this beautiful present.

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