I would be happy, if only….

I would be happy if only….fill in the blank. My life had been filled with that phrase. It started when I was very young. If only: I didn’t have that freckle on my faceI didn’t have this compulsionI didn’t have this obsessionI was thinI didn’t have my pastI didn’t have the regretsI had my soulmateI …

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If you are a sensitive soul (feel things deeply including the energy around you), you may learn how to compartmentalize. To be able to keep going and cope, we learn how to put feelings/emotions in a box. However, it is equally important to take time to just breathe, be still. If not, we may start …

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Feel your Feelings

For some of us, dealing with anxiety and/or depression has been a roller coaster ride for much of our lives. We are up, we are down. We are on, we are off. When we feel good we want to hang onto those feelings and never let them go, sometimes to our own detriment. I mean …

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Depression and Anxiety: some tools

If you know someone that suffers from anxiety or depression it can get better. One type of anxiety I am very familiar with is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Whether it is depression or anxiety, It can wreak such havoc on your life, joy and fun is completely non-existent. It lies, scares you, tells you your …

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