My Soulmate 

I believe we have many soulmates…people we connect with in some way lifetime after lifetime. When I was 29, I made a conscious choice to attract to me the person I would spend my life with. He entered shortly, thereafter.

After years of observing and experiencing what I did not want, I decided to write down the kind of relationship I did want. Firstly, I realized how afraid I was of commitment and intimacy. I was attracted to what I couldn’t have and when I had it, I didn’t want it. This is a dance many play in avoiding deep relationship with others. For you see, regardless of the reason, fear, belief we have – until we look at the pattern we keep experiencing, it will continue to be our experience.
The first step is to become conscious and aware of the pattern we continually see and experience. The second step is to ask deeply, “How is this serving me?” Is it reinforcing a belief that says “I am unlovable”? Is it reinforcing a belief that says “Everyone disappoints and hurts me?” Whatever the case, is this experience something you want to keep around?

If it serves you no longer, make a conscious choice/intent to create something new. I wrote down an extensive list and pretended and felt, every day, that he was already in my life. He arrived shortly thereafter.

Relationships can be hard work because looking at yourself in the mirror isn’t always easy. Everyone has baggage! Our relationships bring it to the surface so it can be healed and loved.

My relationship with my husband has lasted so long because, 20 plus years ago, I made a decision to work through my stuff with Will. My relationship has worked because no matter how bad things did get, we both wanted it to work. And when things did get bad, it revealed to me what else within me, needed healing. He has been my greatest mirror and the more I love him through all his perceived “faults,” the more I love me and this works both ways.

I am grateful to my soulmate, best friend and lover. Stay tuned for my memoir coming out soon.

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