Quit the blaming

We have all taken sides at one time or another, in person or on social media. Did it work for you? Did it feed your truth and justify your behavior? We can all find evidence to support our truth. All of us. But it takes courage to look beyond our perceived “truth” to really hear another and the steps that has been taken to bring them to this moment. Unfortunately our leaders are doing a very bad job, by example. The only way to implement change is to be change, by example. Our love and example can spread quickly and powerfully.

I am blessed to be a part of a community which practices Restorative Circle daily. Our youngsters are learning what it means to really hear another, in person, and take responsibility and help restore the relationship and/or damage. Our youngsters are learning what it means to really problem solve. They are the future, which brings me hope. Lets spread the hope and one day the top will lead by example.

I see you. I hear you.


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