This dread: Is it fear (I must push through) or just not who I am?

This subject came up recently. It is a topic that I have struggled with all of my life and I continue to explore to this day. Many times we find ourselves in situations in which we wonder what decision to make. Is it fear…or just not who I am?

In my life I have run, when I should have stayed. I have stayed because of the fear of trying something new.

I believe this gets easier when we figure out this most important question.

Who am I and what do I want.

I will give a couple of examples.

1. When I had fear or nerves take over at work, I chose to push through the fear because I really loved my work and wanted to grow. I always felt amazing after.

2. I once volunteered at this horse farm. I thought it would be great and on path because it was working with children and horses. But I got this dread about going. In exploring that further I realized that I felt bad for the horses. I did not get the impression they were happy at all. I gave myself permission to let it go. What came to me was to trust myself.

3. I once dreaded going on this trip with a group of people. I was not sure where it came from but I was feeling in a funk over it. In exploring further, I realized it would be good for me so I pushed through the angst and had an experience I will never forget.

In trying to come up with the answer it is important to trust yourself. But it is equally important to know yourself and know what you want. When in doubt, I close my eyes and picture the two paths of my inquiry. I turn my brain off and connect with my greater self. I then see which way my body goes and I trust it.

If I do decide to push through my fear, I utilize a trick Gerry Starnes (author, mentor) once taught me. I turn my fear into excitement. The body doesn’t know the difference.

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