Relationships: Mirror Factor

The first time I experienced the mirror factor, was over 25 years ago. In doing an activity on forgiveness and what I was hurt by, and writing it all out, I realized that I had done something similar to others.

I was blown away. I realized that in seeing myself in others, in some way, I was able to forgive them and myself at the same time.

Forgiveness is the ultimate freedom. It frees up energy that can best be used in creating the life of our dreams. It allows space for love which is our true essence. Anger and resentment takes its toll on our body and life so it’s a win-win to forgive.

Over the years I started noticing even more about the mirror effect in relationships. It wasn’t just about seeing myself in others. It was a reflection of how I felt about myself or what I deserved. It reflected how I saw the world and what I expected others to do based on my beliefs/assumptions. What awesome feedback it gave me… this reflection.

I played around with this energy exchange. As I changed my beliefs or affirmed my worth, I saw a change in others and how I was treated. In addition, when I focused my attention elsewhere (i.e. “there is beauty everywhere”) as opposed to all that was wrong, I saw much more of that.

Who changed?

Things change when we change. Are there outdated beliefs, stories, resentments that are holding you back? Where is your focus? Where do you want it to be?

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