You, Me, We

Do you remember the story of the boy who was taught to fear strangers that when “strangers” were trying to rescue him in the woods, he hid? How many articles have you read to stay away from “toxic people” and “narcissists?” There is such a level of us vs them (division) in our world we …

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sitting on the bench

Relationships: Friendships

There is a story I tell myself. It goes something like this. Friends will disappoint you, leave you, hurt you . . . it always happens. And sure, if I focus on this story or believe this story then it continues to manifest over and over again. Or does it? At times I have felt …

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New Year 2022

In a time filled with division, fear and illness, let’s focus our New Year on what we wish to see in the world as opposed to focusing on what we don’t want. It is easy to get into a head space listing ones grievances, what is wrong with the world and in our lives. It …

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mom and son

Teens and Young Adults still need our Guidance

For some reason, whether I’ve read it somewhere or watched it on a show, I’ve noticed a trend. The parent says something to the effect of now that they are 18, their child is an adult and free to make their own decisions. While it is true that this is the time in their lives …

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working together to untangle our knot

Us against Them mentality at its Peak

Wherever I look, I see memes, articles or quotes telling us not to let THEM get to us. Most of the time, it is disguised as a motivational message. But in many instances, there is a sense that you need to rise above THEM, whatever THEM is being referenced. Don’t let THEM get to you. …

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Relationships: Mirror Factor

The first time I experienced the mirror factor, was over 25 years ago. In doing an activity on forgiveness and what I was hurt by, and writing it all out, I realized that I had done something similar to others. I was blown away. I realized that in seeing myself in others, in some way, I …

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Kim Hiles

Relationships: Run From Intimacy

Relationships and friendships have mostly been a disaster. As a young girl, I preferred a close friend over many. However, jealousy, feelings of disappointment, sensitivity, feelings of unworth and not a part of, however, went hand in hand.   Whether friend or lover, the push, pull sense of wanting what I could not have and not …

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