Going with the flow can be a beautiful thing!

Zelda Girl

I’ve written about my rescue dog, Zelda. How sad I was when I discovered her fear of the leash, among other things.

Some of the ramblings were my prior dog (Sweeper) ran with me, It was a partnership, there was mutual joy . . . and on and on it went.

I would imagine we all feel like that at times.

If only. . . .

All it does is create more resentment and unhappiness. When I fully surrendered and accepted what is, the solutions started to appear. For instance, regarding the morning routine/jog I loved and fitting Zelda into that picture, a new routine took shape. Jogging and playing in the backyard every morning became my new thing!

I then took it inside and found even more joy! Sounds strange I know! But I’m not a runner, I am a jogger. I put on some music, add a little dance if I want and I’m happily enjoying my workout.

I realized one day, that Sweeper wasn’t able to run with me toward the end anyway. I would take her outside for my jog (she insisted) and I would just jog back and forth, allowing her to move at her pace. It’s kind of what I’m doing with Zelda, jogging back and forth. This is where she is at . . . and I’m flowing and finding such joy in my new routines.

I woke up this morning excited to get out of bed and jog . . . inside, with Zelda by my side.

Sure, Zelda continues to practice so she can move through her fears. She doesn’t know what she’s missing!

Of course I didn’t know what I was missing either. This new routine is a keeper.

When we flow, we open ourselves up to new experiences, new opportunities and this can happen in any part of our lives. It’s easy to resist! The unknown, change, can feel scary or just down right annoying. But if we can surrender, we may just discover a treasure we didn’t even know existed.

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