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Rescued dog: Zelda, my Mirror

(This was written in the summer of 2020) Self doubt is a perilous thing.  It seeps in, without us even being aware, causing confusion and mayhem.  Being in a contained room with my recently spayed Zelda is teaching me a lot about myself.  It’s the ole mirror mirror story I often tell. A little backstory.  …

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Going with the flow can be a beautiful thing!

I’ve written about my rescue dog, Zelda. How sad I was when I discovered her fear of the leash, among other things. Some of the ramblings were my prior dog (Sweeper) ran with me, It was a partnership, there was mutual joy . . . and on and on it went. I would imagine we …

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Zelda in the sling

A walk with a dog

I have often spoken about how animals help heal our soul. I have a whole chapter dedicated to it in my book.  After my dog passed, I spent a year questioning if I should get another one or not. If I did a pros and cons list, it came out pretty even. I let it …

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animal bliss

Rescue dog: In memory of Sweeper 2005-2018

She was lost, I remind myself. I watched her decline over the year and every time I thought this might be it, after a bad week, she bounced back and appeared to be herself. Kind of. She still walked into walls, got stuck in odd places, didn’t know if I was home or not, twitched, …

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Animals are healers

I will never forget getting my first cat as an adult. This cat needed a home and I decided to go for it. I was pretty closed off from love. At this point in my life, I had created large shields around me. She wanted to give and receive so much love and I was …

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