What brings you joy?

I ask because I am sometimes at a loss as to what brings me joy. I mean when we are kids, we grab our matchbox cars and take them outside, happily making “roads” with the grass. We get with a group of kids and play Kick the Can or Kickball until the dinner bell rings.

Simple days right?

You wonder why we often go back in time trying to get that spark of living back. We didn’t ever question what brought us joy when we were young, we just did activities that were joyful.

When I’m feeling down, I do just that. I question, I wonder, I think, I stress. I go back in time and remember when. I look to the future to find something appealing.

I forget about the now.

When I go into the past or the future, it disrupts my serenity. I find myself anxious or depressed. When I JUST DO, without thinking about it, and focus on the activity/moment at hand, I find my peace.

For me it’s going for a walk or run, watching the birds, taking pictures, playing a family game, movie night, talking with a friend, doing house projects.

Sometimes it’s just a noticing of the moment at hand, even when the feeling is uncomfortable.  When I am being mindful, in the moment, I am fully present and I find that is the richest moment of being alive.

What brings you joy? I would love to know because I am always up for more ideas.

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