Our body is Listening

I was lying on the sofa, feeling yucky, depressed, anxious. In an hour I was to drive to the airport. My mom was paying for a luxurious vacation at Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts, a place of healing.

I never knew when it would hit. Stomach ailments, pain, general malaise. I had gone to one doctor or naturopath to another. This went on for years. My mom wanted me to see a professional that looked at everything.

Once I dragged myself off the sofa, I said goodbye to my hubby and son and off I went to the airport. In Boston the next day, my mom and I took a walk in the frigid cold, to look at ice sculptures. The next day we drove up to Canyon Ranch together.

I took it all in. I signed up for the various workshops, classes, healing treatments and an appointment with Dr. Hubkova. I was so busy I completely forgot I didn’t feel well. I was depressed before I left and now I was having one of the best times of my life. Hands down.

State of mind so they say.

This reminds me of a time years earlier when I felt awful and could feel the stomach ailments coming on. But instead of going into it, I declared not today. I affirmed it was an old pattern I didn’t need to participate in! I affirmed how good I felt. . . . And so I did. 

There was another time in my life when I saw a naturopath who told me I had to do this or that and if not, I’d be sorry. Without remembering the exact words said, that was the gist of it as I perceived it. Over time, I had already been having doubts about him and his practice. This last appointment was the push I needed to declare “No More.” I decided that I would be my greatest healer and no longer would I depend on others to “fix” me. It was empowering and I started listening to my body and the messages it had for me.  I started listening and trusting in myself.

It’s hard to do when you feel like crap or lost. I’ve experienced that more than what has been shared here. But what has always saved me is that little voice inside who wants what’s best for me. Sure, Canyon Ranch and the doctor were super helpful and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity. I felt very guided to go. We will be guided to places that feel “right” and when they don’t, it’s important to trust that.  Doing kinesiology on myself has also steered me in the right direction at times.

Our body will let us know when it’s trying to tell us something. I will sometimes do a body scan. I find a quiet room where I will not be disturbed and I focus on each part of my body. I start at my head, focus on it, talk to it and sometimes things come up. Like a memory, a sadness, a pain and I feel it until I’m done and then I move on to my next body part. This is a way of honoring our body and releasing all we have stored.  Once done, it’s important to fill back up our cup with positive messages. I like to affirm I am doing my best and it’s enough. I am enough. I am strong. I am worthy.

Sometimes we are just stuck in a pattern and feeling bad is comfortable for us, it’s what we know. When we constantly tell ourself how bad we feel, how sick we are, we are going to stay right there. Our body is listening and responding to these messages. Instead we can affirm our good health and our strength. We don’t HAVE to believe what others say about us and our health. WE are the master of our ship, the navigator in our lives. We get to choose how we feel every single day. Nothing is set in stone unless we wish it to be. Healing is possible.

If we feel stuck, rehearse how we would feel if we already felt amazing.  What would we do?

Then do it!

Our body will react to the new messages it receives.

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