Joy: More Betty White Please

In 1995 I was hosting a local TV show called The Spiritual Experience. I interviewed singer/songwriter Dawna Hammers. Her music moved me like nothing before! This was during a time in my life I was having deep, spiritual experiences. Like never before. 

Anyway, I wish I could explain what her music did for me. I felt naturally high, on top of the world, filled with unconditional love and connected deeply to All that Is.

Life moved along.

It’s over 25 years now. I’m older. My son has grown up and I find myself searching . . . yet again.

This morning I started my year with some Ecstatic Dance. I used Inner Rhythms Ecstatic Dance by Donna Starnes.  Well my body flew into it, letting all thoughts move out, as my body was fully present and alive. I released old energy and welcomed in the new. Betty White popped into my head and I vowed to really live, be alive and don’t take myself so damn seriously! This was the theme for my dance and it felt exilerating!

Our brains are pattern seeking. If we are used to drama, feeling melancholy, or unhappy, we look for and seek those feelings, thoughts, experiences. It takes effort to say “yeah, I see ya but I don’t do that anymore. I choose Joy.” It’s a similar process to what I did when I got rid of OCD – and it worked! It was not easy and took some time but it was worth it!  In that situation my guide was a book called Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz. 

The point. There is no reason why I can’t use the same method in other areas of my life. So today I chose joy. I went on a walk with my dog Zelda and then later Dawna Hammers popped into my mind. I had to do some digging because I couldn’t remember her name fully. But I found her and her amazing songs.

I’ve spent the last hour listening and enjoying the feeling I get when I hear her music. Do you have music that does the same thing to you?

I am entering a new chapter in my life. I am ready for joy, new adventures and not taking myself so seriously. I am ready for more music and dance!

More Betty White please. 

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