Take a leap of faith!

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It doesn’t have to make you sick, this fear inducing, life altering change. It can be a little baby step, a conscious, self aware intent to make a change. I will always remember the time I made a decision to move from Massachusetts to San Francisco. I was …

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You, Me, We

Do you remember the story of the boy who was taught to fear strangers that when “strangers” were trying to rescue him in the woods, he hid? How many articles have you read to stay away from “toxic people” and “narcissists?” There is such a level of us vs them (division) in our world we …

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I would be happy, if only….

I would be happy if only….fill in the blank. My life had been filled with that phrase. It started when I was very young. If only: I didn’t have that freckle on my faceI didn’t have this compulsionI didn’t have this obsessionI was thinI didn’t have my pastI didn’t have the regretsI had my soulmateI …

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dancing into a new perspective

Joy: More Betty White Please

In 1995 I was hosting a local TV show called The Spiritual Experience. I interviewed singer/songwriter Dawna Hammers. Her music moved me like nothing before! This was during a time in my life I was having deep, spiritual experiences. Like never before.  Anyway, I wish I could explain what her music did for me. I …

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New Year 2022

In a time filled with division, fear and illness, let’s focus our New Year on what we wish to see in the world as opposed to focusing on what we don’t want. It is easy to get into a head space listing ones grievances, what is wrong with the world and in our lives. It …

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Walking on the path

Decisions: Second Guessing

We follow our heart…or so it seems. One day we realize we made a mistake . . . Or did we? I have always struggled with decisions. I have always struggled with fear. Over a lifetime, I’ve learned when I need to push through something and when I need to walk away. Very imperfectly I …

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new year

Problem or Solution?

I was recently reminded of this very simple truth. People in my neighborhood were sharing on social media how upset they were that people didn’t clean up after their pet.  I thought to myself: What are they talking about? I never see what they are seeing. I mean there was a whole thread talking about …

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working together to untangle our knot

Us against Them mentality at its Peak

Wherever I look, I see memes, articles or quotes telling us not to let THEM get to us. Most of the time, it is disguised as a motivational message. But in many instances, there is a sense that you need to rise above THEM, whatever THEM is being referenced. Don’t let THEM get to you. …

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Creativity – what a gift

It’s so easy to get caught up in worrying thoughts so that the next thing you know you are drowning in despair with darkness swirling around. It is subtle and sneaks up on you. It’s easy to do these days. Sure, feelings come and go. But sometimes I forget the “go” part. It’s important to …

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