Wherever you go, there you are

In college, I had this urge to go. So I transfered into my junior year, going to another University. The need was so great I didn’t care I had to go an extra year of school. I’m not sure what propelled that desire but it continued to stay with me throughout my life.

When my husband got a job in another state, I declared “Yes.” We moved a few times always looking for the next thing. 

I realized, of course, that wherever I go, there I am! So knowing this, caused me to slow down. I found a place I liked, a niche discovered in a job so I stayed in one spot, one place of employment and I grew and grew and grew!

What drives us is different for each person.  During a very dark night of the soul, a wise man told me to leave the situation. I lit up talking about another time and place. So to get me out of my funk he told me to go.

It was the step needed to turn my life around and completely change my mind set, my perspective.  While I know that wherever we go, there we are, and sometimes we do need to push through the uncomfort, fear and angst, other times a change of scenery will allow the shift so desperately needed. 

While everything does come from within, and we can change our perspective any time, sometimes we need a change which will allow us to ease into a new and fresh experience.

Trust Self. Listen to the whisper in the wind, the still small voice trying to get our attention, and let’s see where it takes us. As a wise person has told me, you can’t do it wrong. We are here for the experience afterall and each experience is information.

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