The buzzing fly: change!

Noticing the earth and all its creatures can be a breathtaking experience when we pay attention and surrender to its presence.

Last week I found myself walking in the fields, with my dog, and I started to smile.

The small and large butterflies were fly-dancing happily and the laughter I sensed, filled me with joy. There were tons of them flying around! I sat on the grass, overlooking the creek, and out loud I whispered “there is so much life out here.”

The sights and sounds from the birds, critters in the creek and all of the various winged creatures filled my heart with joy. I could not stop smiling. When I feel one with the earth, I feel complete.

There is life in everything and when we pay attention and tune in, we hear the whispers.

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed, this fly started circling around. At first I was annoyed! But then I wanted to help because I felt it wanted out. So I told the fly to “go into my (empty) cup and I’ll take you out.” I said this over and over. When the fly landed on the cup, I told him he needed to go in…and he did.

I covered the cup with my hand and brought the fly outside.  “Be free” little guy!

I decided to look up “fly” with regard to its spiritual meaning. AZ Animals says: “The fly symbolizes change. Seeing a fly means you’re going through a transformation. The message of change is similar to the butterfly and moths. This transformation may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It is a time of metamorphosis for you.”

Wow did that resonate! There are many big changes happening in my life and I have felt at times like I was dying. At times I don’t recognize myself.  Nothing is familiar. It’s uncomfortable, scary and exciting. A rebirth into the unknown.

Is it no wonder many of us fear change and we stay with what’s comfortable and familiar? But sometimes the wings can’t help but flutter and in those moments you know it’s time. And you know, on some level, it will be ok.

As I started writing, another fly started buzzing. Unless it was the same one! It even landed on my keypad! This time when I tried to help it go free, it wasn’t happening! There were many failed attempts and it was taking forever! I was really feeling frustrated. It reminded me that change can feel like that, especially when we are trying to force things to happen.

Instead, it is more like a quiet surrender, a letting go. A trusting of the process, no matter the outcome.

The fly eventually entered the cup again and was taken outside and released.

What message does the earth or its creatures have for you?

There is so much life out here

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