Turning the corner…

Turning a corner never felt so invigorating! When you are in the dumps, turn to your support network. The more people holding intent for you, the stronger the energy is. As a wise soul recently shared with me, “it takes a village.”

See, feel, cry, embrace, forgive and let the shit go! Choose life and use your support network. The ONLY person being harmed (by hanging onto your shit) is you. Once you feel bathed and cleansed, turn that corner and declare “YES.”

As I share with my students, we are all a piece of the same puzzle. Your piece is needed and important to the whole. You came here to share your gifts – share them today.

Today I will seize the day. I will listen to the gentle nudges of the universe. I will declare that I am already whole, mind/body/soul. And as Louise Hay states: “I am safe in all ways and I trust the process of life.” Breathe this into your heart as you sing for joy, dance with the stars and embrace the totality of YOU!

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