EGO is not our enemy

For so long I looked at certain traits in myself and I judged them. I told myself I needed to change. I told myself I needed to do better…be better. Until one day it clicked. All of these things I condemned in myself I realized were my gifts to the world. When I started to finally embrace these traits and see them as gifts, I stopped apologizing for who and what I was. It was in this moment, I felt free to find opportunities that support my gifts. For instance, I used to say I needed to work on myself and have less ego especially when I would think to myself “Look at me…see me.” Even as a teacher, I judged myself because I did better when I was observed. One day, it hit me.  My whole life I pretended to be putting on a show. As a child most of my imaginary play was based on me being watched and there was a time I thought for sure I would grow up to be a famous actor. When I had my AH HA moment, I turned it around and declared “I love to perform and have an audience. ” I turned a perceived negative trait into a positive one.  When we truly love and accept all of our idiosyncrasies and unique ways of being in the world, we realize these are our gifts. This is our unique puzzle piece to the whole in which we are all needed. When we have such love and acceptance for ourself, this energy goes out into the world as love and acceptance. Hold your head up high…celebrate ALL of you today. Only good can come of it.

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