Sometimes, after going through something extremely unpleasant, the ordeal can end up being a turning point in one’s life.

Letting go of the past, letting go of our safety net, letting go of things no longer serving us can be scary. It’s a venture into the unknown.

We can fluctuate back and forth, creating doubt, excitement, fear.

When we have a crisis, we are forced to stop, slow down and listen. One question to ask is “how is this serving me?” We can go through pain, depression, anxiety, you name it. But if we just make a commitment every day to just show up, breathe, meditate, reach out for help, whatever works, little insights start to come to light. Ideas take root. Things start to make sense and the dawning of a new day no longer appears untenable.

Change can be hard and unfortunately sometimes a calamity is what helped us see and give clarity to our life and the changes needed in going forward.

When synchronicities start to appear, connections are made and little miracles take shape, it’s life affirming and can help the process go more smooth.

I would like to share a visual I’ve really enjoyed.  Parts of it are taken from Louise Hay, author.

Imagine you are at the beach and you stand before the ocean. The endless sand goes through your fingers, the endless droplets of water touch your skin. You are reminded of the vast, endlessness of the Universe for which you are one with.  You surrender to the moment.

“In the vast endlessness of this Universe, I am open to all of the good, abundance of the Universe.

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